Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sekalung Perhargaan!

Once my lecture class finished just nao, I rush to sign my attendance. But, suddenly my friend wanted to borrow my pen. I just let her use first even though I was in hurry. Then another girl want to borrow. Uh. Because Im a patient and kind person (do I need to mention this?), I was like,"nvrmind, use lah use lah".

After that she gave me the pen back WITHOUT saying anything. I mean like Thanks, Tengkiu, Thank You Very Much, Terime Kasih or any words like that. I was really upset and mad. I am very pantang if people dont know how to say thanks to me. I do not ask any big favor like buy me my favourite char kuew tiew or please do my assignment FML. I was so sedih.

I am a person who like to say tQ/ tQ so much/terima kasih banyak-banyak. To me, that are the most precious words that you can say to other person besides doa. You express how you appreciate them. They help you, say thanks. They give u something, say thanks. They teach you to solve Economic question, say thanks. Simple rule right?

Dah la pakai pen pilot hitam dakwat basah kesayangan gua yang mana gua cuma pakai ekslusif untuk my signature sahaja. Dah la pinjam pakai masa gua tengah mahu rushing. Dah la gua ikhlas bagi pinjam tapi kemudian terus tak ikhlas sebab lu tak cakap terima kasih. Gua tuntut lu punya terima kasih sebab GUA SEDIH.

P/S: To my friends, if ada masa gua lupa cakap terima kasih kat lu all, lu all boleh lempang gua. Tapi jangan lempang depan orang ramai.


  1. mmm.kurang berminat juge untuk orang yang begitu.tapi kan lagi best kalau kt pulak forgive and forget? ^^

  2. To forgive is easy meh.
    To forget, takes time.


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