Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dah dua hari di rumah tapi baru hari ni sedar mana pergi anak-anak kucing? Oh those cute little kittens. Tak dengar apa bunyi pun. Sungguh comel mereka pandai behave. Macam ni lah baru tak kena buang eh eh. Hee kidding.

Okay, as usual only Adaa who will care to feed, bath and even lap tahi mata all the five kittens. The rest of us are not tahan with the smell and meow sound. This is what Adaa will do every time she feeds them. Tear old newspaper for five parts and divide the food on each of it. Plus she will tumbuk sampai lumat ikan bilis. Such a boring routine but Adaa do it well (:

Look, they are vvvery impatient to eat. Delious meh ikan bilis?

Then Adaa will watch as they eat sebab nanti yang licik tu ada pergi curi food sibling dia -_-"

Cleaning cage process so they have to be quarantined here. Meow meow are very naughty. Cannot diam the meow meow. Nak kena buang? *ugutan tak berkesan pun*

Yeah, today I teach them to drink air jarang. First time ever in their life. Oh, today they reach sebulan sehari. Very eager to see them drinking air lain as for all this while cuma tahu nenen semata.

Mommy, I dont like this cage.

This is the hot mummy, Ratu. But all my siblings called her Buntil. Sebab adik bongsu, Awi selalu marah si Aqi sebab kacau dia masa dia bunting,"Aqi, jangan kacau dia. Dia kan buntil!". Fine, thats why all my family bagi nama dia Buntil but nvrmind I still love to call her Ratu. See... what a lovely face she has. Macam pakai eyeliner pun ada. She is a very beautiful cat even she's just a kucing kampung (im so upset kenapa orang gelar kucing biasa as kampung).

Gusti. Comel betul kalian.

Bila emak datang, confirm kena kerumun.
Time for breastfeeding my kids (*

Syyh.. puas nenen, terlelap semua. Comel betul tidur masing-masing pandai berbaris berkepit rapat-rapat begini. Feel warm looking at them at this moment. Tabik dekat Adaa for her passion menjaga mereka. Memang pencinta binatang sejati.


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