Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kotex Luxe untuk kita!

Buat gadis, apa yang lebih istimewa daripada jaminan anda untuk bertahan tanpa bocor? Here come the new special and gorgeous Kotex Luxe for us, woman!

Perfect! It provides ALL the benefits that we need.
To be more precise, we crave.

credit to Beetrice's Reviews
Hitam itu menawan.
Bukan Rain je yang boleh hitam.
Kita juga oh.

step1 Purchase any Kotex Luxe product!

Kotex Luxe Limited Edition
Buy yours! RM3.90 for five!

Answer a simple question.

Complete the entry form with the proof of purchases.

Then, send!
You may find the address in the Kotex website. I am too lazy to type it here.

Girls and friends, the prizes are so awesome.
You have a wonderful and fabulous chance to win day and night Melinda Looi dresses! RM6 000 in total. WOW WOW WOW. There are other 7 prizes more to be won, worth RM42 000.

To make you more excited to join, let me tell you this..
The Melinda Looi's dressess are designed in pink and black
(cute-cute yet elegance)

p/s: boleh juga minta sample free. Ini memang best!

Fill up your particular details and wait for the sample.
Jeng jeng jeng. Free gift will be given to the first 1000 entries.



  1. wah mcm bestkan
    nnt belh join

  2. macam best je ni...
    tapi nape tak jmpe pon mase shopping smlm?

  3. kenapa aku terasa mcm salah topik je nak drop komen neh?

  4. min: jom join!

    Ms.Independent:tak silap cam ada kat Jusco je.

    Akeji Hiroshi:
    hee. u stil can buy this for ur gf :P

  5. nice info! taktau pun pasal ni. hihi

  6. baru tahu...lama dh x guna brand ni..:D


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